Monthly Javascript

How It Works


each month, you’ll get a javascript challenge

Each challenge includes:

  • All the assets you need to get started, including a Figma design file (if you don't have a Figma account, don't worry it's FREE)
  • A brief on how to get started, with ideas to test yourself, and FAQs.

complete the challenge

Complete the challenge on your own, or refer to the (paid) tutorial and final coded solution.


share your success

When you’re finished call you mom! Tweet about it! Stick your code on GitHub. Post a picture on Instagram. Talk about it on Facebook. Use the hashtag #monthlycss.

Get good at JavaScript

The best way to learn is through real world projects and components. Build things! Practice. Challenge yourself. Not sure what to build? With Monthly JavaScript, you’ll get a challenge each month via email.

Who is this for?

These challenges are perfect for beginner to intermediate developers (or designers) who want to become more comfortable with their CSS styling skills.

Before accepting this challenge, you really should know basic HTML and CSS.

You learn best through implementation. Once you’ve applied your knowledge to a specific project, learning concepts are solidified.

Who are you?

My name is Amy Dutton. I’m a Lead Maintainer on the RedwoodJS Core Team. I co-host a podcast called Compressed.fm and teach developers how to design and develop at SelfTeach.me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the tutorials expire? Is there a monthly cost?

When you register,

You have lifetime access. As long as the product is alive, you can access it. There is no monthly cost. In fact, there’s no cost at all!

Ahh! Help!! I lost my welcome email.

No worries! Please email support support[at]monthlyjs.com.

Also, all the content is hosted on Podia. Try logging in there.. If you don’t or don’t remember your username and password, you should be able to click on the “Forgot my password” link to reset your credentials.

I have a question, can I email you?

Certainly! The best place to reach me is support[at]monthlyjs.com.

Can I stream these or arrange a viewing party?

Absolutely. Our intent with this project is that it would be a fun way to learn together.

Can I redistribute these and charge money for them?


Do not take what we’ve created and resell it. The challenges are free and the money that we’re charging for the solutions is one small way we’re trying to recoup the sweat equity we’ve put into this project.

I found a typo or a bug.

Yikes! Please let us know at support[at]monthlyjs.com

Can I put the code on GitHub? Can I include these challenges in my portfolio? Can I blog about this?

Feel free to put your code on GitHub. But, if you’ve paid for the solutions, do not put our code on GitHub.

You can include these challenges within your portfolio, but be honest about your contributions.

I’d love for you to write about how you solved the problem. There’s no better way to learn! Please tweet about it and tag us! #monthyjs, especially if you solved the challenge differently than we did.

What font / color scheme / editor / terminal is that?

I use the font Dank Mono. It costs ~$32 USD. But, I like it because it has ligatures specific for coding. If you’re looking for something free, Fira Code is a great alternative, with a lot of the same features.

I’m using VS Code with the Cobalt 2 Theme.

In general, I like to use the Terminal that’s built into VS Code. But, if I need to reach for something else, I use Hyper with Oh My Zsh and the Robby Russell theme.

What tools do you use?

I work off a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro and love it. 😍

For design work, I use Figma.

For development, I use VS Code. I also like Hyper.

What if I hate this?

I certainly hope that’s not the case, but this is also FREE. Feel free to unsubscribe and/or delete your account on Podia at any time.

What other courses and challenges do you have?

Thanks for asking! If you haven’t already, check out Monthly JS — it’s FREE too!

  • Advent of CSS and Advent of JavaScript - if you like this project, then you’re going to love Advent. These are 24 challenges delivered to your inbox during the month of December.
  • Everything Svelte - everything you ever wanted to know (and then some) about SvelteKit.

We also have some other irons in the fire for 2024. Feel free to visit the landing pages and express your interest. – That helps gauge interest:

  • Part Time Startup Club - This is probably the thing that I’m most excited about in 2024. I’ll be working with an inaugural cohort to build a startup from scratch. I’ll be providing guidance and mentorship along the way. This is a 6-month program. If you’re interested, please express your interest.
  • Part Time Startup Club - This is probably the thing that I’m most excited about in 2024. I’ll be working with an inaugural cohort to build a startup from scratch. I’ll be providing guidance and mentorship along the way. This is a 6-month program. If you’re interested, please express your interest.
  • CSS Advanced Beginner - Know just enough to be dangerous? Convert that knowledge into dangerously awesome. The logic that goes into CSS is different than any other web technology. Stop panicking
  • 100 Days of Code - if you love coding challenges and a way to practice dev every day, this is 100 days challenges
  • Projects for Developers - everyone says that the easiest way to learn how to code and level up your development skills is to build something. But, what do you build? not to mention design?! This project contains all the design work, project stories and specifications for you to build a full-stack application.
  • Starter Kit Design - Not sure where to start? This kit will have everything you need to start running design sprints, project discovery, and design projects.
  • App from Scratch - Build a web application from start to finish — without all the overwhelm. In the past, I’ve learned the most when I’ve gotten real-world experience by looking over someone else’s shoulder. In this course, I invite you to look over mine. We’ll look at the application’s entire life cycle: validating your app idea, discovery, design, project management, frontend, and backend development, testing, and launching. — All in one place.

Also, find me elsewhere online:

What format are your tutorials and challenges in?

Each month, you’ll receive 2 emails from me.

  1. The first email will be delivered the first week of each month, with a challenge inside. The challenge will be written out and links to all assets you need to get started.
  2. The second email will be delivered two weeks later, with a link the solution. This will be a recorded video and include the final code.

When you sign-up, you’ll also receive an email from Podia. This is where we’re hosting all the content and where you’ll have lifetime access. You might need to check your spam. This should come from an email address ending in @e.podia.com.

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